Wheelchair Donation


Mobility services are required for person with disabilities. WAFCAI provides wheelchair services for those who in need as a tool of improving accessibility and quality of life.



Persons with disabilities / those who needs a wheelchair (mobility aids) or those who cannot afford a wheelchair (mobility aids) in the productive age (5 -30 th) conditional. WAFCAI provides service mainly in Jakarta, Bekasi and the other surrounding area, and then expands the coverage area as it develops a local network.



1. Apply

Clients are required to submit application form and some necessary documents directly at WAFCAI office or by E-mail/ Post mail.


2. Assessment  

 Clients are required individual examinations with some of following considerations:

·         Lifestyle

·         Work

·         Home environment

·         Physical condition

·         Body measurement


 3. Prescribe

·         Select wheelchair type and size

·         Wheelchair Modifications (if it’s needed)

·         Posture maintenance

 4. Order

WAFCAI purchases wheelchairs through UCPRUK an important partner organization of wheelchair provision program.

 5. Assembling/Preparation Products

WAFCAI staff can assemble and modify wheelchairs at WAFCAI workshop based on each assessment sheet. WAFCAI also accept repairmen request and change some parts.

 6. Fitting

Try to use wheelchair and check postures. If it’s not fit, an additional fitting is needed.


 7. User Training

Users and caregivers are instructed on how to use it safely also effectively and keep the wheelchair.


 8. Follow-Up, Maintenance and Repair

Follow-up appointments are an opportunity to check the suitability of the wheelchair and provide further training and support. The time required depends on the needs of users and other services available (often 6 months after fitting, through telephone / come to WAFCAI office / visit). When a new wheelchair is provided then the process begins again from step 1.